New pictures of Toyota Aristo


I added new pictures of the Toyota Aristo that is for sale. I will update some more pictures of the car with the 18" wheels when I have time.

Currently I'm working on a new website for Skystyle built on Drupal. When I get the page up and running on Drupal, updating new pictures, videos and text is so much easier and I will be able to update the site more often. While waiting for that to happen, check out the new pictures of the Toyota Aristo. If You got interested don't hesitate to contact [email protected] or call 0400 716369.

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New pictures to media-section


I will be adding pictures to the media-section soon. I took pictures of Starlet Glanza V that was brought to Finland throuhg my new import service. I added only one picture for now, but when I have time, I will add more!


New import service


I'm going to add a new service-concept to the page on when I am done working on the details. Because of the weak euro I had to re-think a new, more cost effetive way for the client to import cars from Japan. More info about this is going to come later.


Skystyle wallpapers


I added a media-section for this website where you can find wallpapers to cheer up your desktop. Check out the pictures and download the one you like. Click yourself to the page from here.

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Toyota Aristo 3.0 V - powerful luxury


Toyota Aristo from year 1996 is now on its way to Finland. Look at the pictures and book the car for yourself! Pictures and information on the can be found from here. If You got interested don't hesitate to contact [email protected] or call 0400 716369.

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Mercedes Benz C280 specs


Mercedes Benz C280 is now photographed and the required changes for registration have been made. Pictures and info on the car can be found here. If You got interested don't hesitate to contact [email protected] or call 0400 716369.

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Cars arrived


Mercedes and Subaru arrived to Finland 25.5.2010. The 4WD Subaru went with client right from the port but the Mercedes Benz C280 with incredible low mileage is now on sale! I will take pictures of the car soon and post them here. If You got interested don't hesitate to contact [email protected] or call 0400 716369.


Coming: Subaru Legacy RSK 1999!


Mercedes Benz C280 doesn't need to travel alone anymore. Subaru Legacy RSK is also on its way to Finland and has been sold already. However if you are interested in having similar car, don't hesitate to contact [email protected]. Additional information and pictures of the car can be seen here.

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Coming: Mercedes Benz C280 1994! Mileage only 54 000km!


Silver Mercedes Benz C280 with really low mileage is arriving around April-May. You can find a bit more information from here. More pictures and informatio of the car will come to the site later on. If you are interested in the car, don't hesitate to e-mail to [email protected] or call 0400 716369.

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Updates on the site

1.2.2010 has been updated! English-section was added and the layout of the page has been renewed.

The page is optimized to the new browsers, so Internet Explorer 6 or earlier versions of the browser will certainly display the page wrong. For this and many security reasons in mind, I recommend you to update your browser or download the latest version of some other browser such as Firefox.


Cars arrived


Now they are finally here and the pre-paid cars have been delivered to the satisfied customers.

The Toyota Soarer from year 1996 is still on sale and there has been plenty of interested buyers for the car so if you are interested in the Soarer, act fast and contact me!


Cars that had been estimated to arrive in November will be a bit late


The shipping from England is late of schedule so the cars that were estimated to arrive by the end of November will most likely arrive in the beginning of December.

Fortunately they are worth the wait =)


Coming: Toyota Soarer 2,5 GT-T 1996!


Black, gorgeous Soarer is estimated to arrive to Finland in November. Take a look at some pictures of the car from here. Toyota has updated the engine of 1996 Soarer. Updates included VVT-i update and replacing two smaller turbos with one bigger one without any powerloss…

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General information about the grades in the FAQ-section


I have gathered explanation for the grading-system in Japan. Please be adviced however that grade doesn't tell everything but rather is there to give you a more general image of the cars condition.

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