Frequently asked questions

Why buy a car from Japan?

Japanese used cars are almost without exception in a magnificent condition. The local legislation clearly favors changing your old car to a new one so Japanese change their cars quite often. This makes plenty of used cars with low mileage and good condition available on the market.

When ordering from Japan you are able to know what kind of car you are ordering. The accident history of the cars can be seen from the grade and possibly available service history. There is plenty of choice and the cars for sale change frequently so there is always something new every week.

What is included in the tax-free price?

Tax-free price includes the price of the car, customs costs and VAT but not the car-tax, alternations that need to be conducted for the car to be registered or the costs of registration. Also possible documents, other than the export certificate, needed for the registration are not included.

What does grade mean?

Grade implies to the cars general condition. Basic lines considering grades are following:

6: New car.
5: Almost like new car, all parts are original and no repairs have been made on the car. Usually only under three-year-old cars can be graded as 5.
4,5: Really good condition. Basically no scratches or dents.
4: Good condition, some small scratches and dents at worst but nothing major. Normal wear on the car.
3,5: Avarage condition, few visible scratches or/and dents.
3: Plenty of dents/scratches/paint blemishes.
2: Car in bad condition, rusted car or possibly fairly modified car.
1: Unacceptable condition or heavily modified car.
R: Car has been in an accident, parts have been changed or repaired. The risk to get a bad car is high when buying a car with the grade R.

Also the interior condition has its own classification:

A: Really clean, like new.
B: Clean but some wear on the interior(almost all of the cars with normal condition get this grade).
C: Dirty, possibly few cigarette burns.
D: Bad interior, worn and dirty, cigarette burns.

Even grading is a very smart system, it doesn’t tell everything and you should rely only on the cars grade. You should always be a bit critical and not to expect that the grade tells the whole truth. Even the people who grade these cars can sometimes miss something.